Exploring how things work

Product Name+ Price
A Window on the Child's Mind: Close observation of children at play
An Infant's Toy: Inanimate or Animate
Ones, Child-Object, Push Toy, Animate, Causation, Pretense
Balance Scale
Threes, Child-Object, Math, Science, weight, interacting forces
Balance scale play: Random or reflective?
Fours, Simple Machine, Children-Object, Science, Math, Balance
Ben Shoots Pool
Twos, Balls, Parent-Child, Cause/Effect, Inclines, Direction, videative
Ben Shoots Pool II
Threes, Balls, Parent-Child, Cause/Effect, Angles, Aiming, Inclines, videative
Beyond the Five Senses
Balance, Sticky, Ones
Bottomless Containers
Ones, Containers, Child-Child, Spatial Relations, Empty/Full, Thinkprint
Building a Toy Car Together
Fours, Collaboration, Puzzles, Cars
Change your aim or move the target
Threes, Child-Object, Toy Cars, Ramps, Inclines, Language, Frustration
Clay Slip
Infants, Clay, Exploration, Cause/Effect
Emphasizing Effects
Twos, Toy Cars, Teaching, Children-Teacher, Cause/Effect, Force, Game Rules, videative
Explaining Infant Interests
Infants, Cause and Effect, Sound, Tools
Fixing One End Undoes the Other
Threes, Body, Balance, Problem Solving, Cooperation
Infant Toots her Horn
Infants, Child-Object, Cause/Effect, Modification, Exploration
Infants Come with Questions
Infants, Containers, Science
Infants Explore the Harp
Infants, Music, Imitation, Learning, Drum
Jed Draws His Bicycle
Child-Teacher, Teaching, Drawing, Simple Machine, Invention, Symbolization
Learning to Talk about Goals and Strategies
Twos, Teacher, Language, Problem Solving
Leaving a Loop
Fours, Glue, Child-Object, Cause/Effect, Invention, Obstacles, videative