Ben Shoots Pool II

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Ben, now three years old, returns to one of his favorite pastimes, the pool table. By using the cue sticks to build a ramp, Ben creates an unconventional way to roll the balls. Uncle George joins Ben at the pool table and, together, they consider how to aim the ramp so that the balls roll into the pocket. We hear Ben ask why the balls all go to the same place on the table. He wonders why the distribution is not random. We see how a young child often answers a "Why?" question with a description, or a demonstration of "How," instead of separating the cause from the effect. We watch how George learns more about Ben's knowledge by asking a series of gradually more directed questions that enable Ben to answer with an action rather than a verbal explanation. As George encourages Ben to reflect upon his own thinking, we see examples of how a young child’s practical intelligence develops ahead of his representational intelligence.

Keywords: Threes, Balls, Parent-Child, Cause/Effect, Angles, Aiming, videative

Length of videative: 14 text pages, 30 video subclips
Length of stand-alone master video clip: 12 minutes, 3 seconds