Our Favorite Sites

The websites below have resources of interest to all who want to see what children know™.


  • Child Care Information Exchange has served the day care profession for three decades. This website has many resources, announcements, an events calendar, a daily newsletter, and digital video products that can be downloaded.
  • Boulder Journey School is a school for young children, ages 6 weeks to 6 years. Mentor teachers and interns participating in the school’s Teacher Education Program utilize videatives as a resource that facilitates better understanding and communication of children’s thinking and learning.
  • Digital Story Workshop produced by Kristin Eno, helps children 4 - 8 years old make "movies" out of their imaginary worlds, highlighting their imaginative play, facilitating meaningful artistic collaborations between adults and children,and connecting them to different neighborhoods, cities and countries.
  • Education.com is an online resource for parents with kids in preschool through grade 12. On this site you can search over 4,000 reference articles from the best and most authoritative sources across the web, browse their online magazine for hundreds of ideas that take learning beyond the classroom and into your family's everyday life, and explore virtual neighborhoods where parents with similar interests or challenges connect to trade advice and share their experiences with one another.