Videatives Streaming Service

Access our video-with-text on the internet using a password or IP authentication.

*If you recently purchased a new subscription to our video streaming service, click here to create your user name and password for a "trial subscription" that we will upgrade to "active" within twelve hours or less. If you made payment to renew an existing subscription we will extend your subscription acccordingly. To initiate or renew, click here to make payment in our eStore. For longer trial subscriptions please send your request to

Videatives, Inc. offers you easy access to more than 360+ video clips with supporting text that stream directly to any computer with a connection to the internet. To see a sample of the video library click here.

  • Type keywords or use tags, such as age, material, and concept¬† to search our video library.¬†
  • Place favorite video clips in online courses or emails using a link to a playlist.
  • Show the playlist video clips with or without the supporting text.
  • Write your own comments for your staff or students to read before watching a playlist.
  • Stream video clips from within a Power Point or Keynote presentation.
  • Use an autologin or IP address authentication to eliminate entering a username and password, e.g. institutional subscribers.
  • Go to the My Account Tab to view the traffic on your account at any time you wish.
  • Featured Playlists organized by course related topics.
  • Send requests for additional videos to be Closed Captioned.
  • Practice video analysis with raw footage.
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