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The word videative [vid´-é-ã-tive] refers to the combination of text and video segments to create an integrated viewing experience (video + narrative = videative). The text explains the video and the video exemplifies the text. Use videatives to see how children think, to see how to support their learning, and to see how to prepare environments that engage children in rich problem solving.  Use videatives to add authenticity to your lectures or clarity to your training sessions.  Share videatives with parents to help them understand the value of play and the subtle ways a teacher can help children reflect on their own experiences.

Some topics that videatives address:

  • Concepts that children learn through play (click here for a sample)
  • Teaching early science to two and three year olds
  • Emerging literacy from gestures, to drawing, to print
  • Using clay, markers, and other media as a language of inquiry
  • Outdoor play as a place for high level thinking
  • Indentifying advanced levels of collaborative play
  • How infants form attachments to other infants and adults
  • How leadership is developed during pretend play
  • Asking children to explain the symbols they invent during block play
  • How to ask questions that stimulate creative thinking
  • Strategies one year olds use to get information from the five senses

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