Videatives Services

Videatives, Inc. is pleased to offer a streaming video service, consulting services, and conferences to the early childhood education and child development community:

Video Streaming

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Connect to our website and view over 360 video clips with short introductions. Create a playlist for your staff/students to view at no additional charge. Use our search engine to match video content to your topics. Include a note in the playlists for your staff/students to read. Hide our introductory remarks if you prefer to use the clips to generate discussion and analysis. To see a sample playlist of 14 video clips about what children learn though play, click here. To purchase a subscription to our Video Streaming Service for one, six, or twelve months, click here to enter our eStore. You receive significant discounts for longer subscriptions.  We also offer institutional subscriptions. 

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Videatives, Inc. provides both on-site consulting and eConsulting. Our consultants help teachers make connections between current child development research and quality early education practice. Consulting can be tailored to fit the varied needs of teacher education programs, state departments of education, corporate/government childcare centers, or individual pre-primary schools. Videatives provides clients with an overall view of the ways in which digital documentation, child development research, and early education practice can be combined to augment professional development and program quality. Videatives helps school leaders both develop and maintain professional development initiatives. Clients benefit from the immediacy of resources on the web and the continuous presence of eConsultants online who offer customized eCourses and virtual teleconferences. Clients can build a "home library" of resources for long-term use with faculty and colleagues.

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Videatives, Inc. hosts and participates in conferences each year throughout North America and worldwide in order to introduce educators to the power of videatives. These conferences are sometimes conducted in collaboration with colleges and universities, enabling participants to earn course credits and offering professors an opportunity to learn how to include videatives in their coursework. Conference participants acquire a new understanding of how to use dailly classroom experiences to determine what children know, as well as how to best support, enhance, and extend that knowledge. Conferences provide teachers with an opportunity to bring their own video footage for analysis, and help teachers make decisions about what technology they need to enter the world of digital documentation. Videatives continues to support teachers after they return to their work places through eCourses and eConsulting (e.g. sharing video clips using a webcam).

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