Videatives Streaming Service

Scroll down to initiate or renew one of the four subscription types. If you already have a trial or active subscription, within 12 hours of your payment, we will update your current subscription. If you have placed an order but do not yet have either a trial or active subscription, click here to create a new username and password to access our video streaming service. We will upgrade this initial "trial" subscription to active status according to your order.

Easily access to more than 340 video clips that stream directly to your computer while you are connected to the internet. Search our video library using keywords that match your topics of interest.  Create playlists to share with your students for online viewing at no additional charge. Each video clip comes with a concise text-based introduction regarding the significance of the video episode for early education and child development. Hide our analysis if you prefer to have your students or staff view only the video clips. Add your own comments to the playlists that you share with others. We also have a growing number of practice clips that have pointed questions but no analysis. Click on the choices below to order an active subscription of $10.00 for one month, $50.00 for six months (one month free), $85.00 for twelve months (three months free) or $450.00 of unlimited access for a full year for all members of your institution. Click here for a free 2 day trial subscription. If you need more than 2 days to make a purchase decision, please send your request to us at

Note: Almost all of the videative titles in the Video Streaming Service can be downloaded to your personal computer via the Videatives Downloads section of this eStore.