Bottomless Containers

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In this Thinkprint, Tucker discovers that a tube, with a small hole on one end and a large hole on the other, offers some surprises. Sometimes when he lifts the container, the small blocks he previously placed in the container remain on the floor; sometimes they do not. The results depend on the orientation of the tube. He experiments with several containers and their contents, and he shares his discoveries with his friend Lucy. He also discovers how to make his container even deeper by joining two fitted-pipe sections together. The two children systematically and calmly explore these bottomless containers for over ten minutes. In this Thinkprint, Lucy and Tucker’s “likely thoughts” highlight children's ability to concentrate when objects offer surprises, such as how a small change of orientation can create a large difference in effect.

Length of Thinkprint: 31 paragraphs, 29 video subclips
Length of stand-alone master video clip: 9 minutes 47 seconds