Leaving a Loop

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Kevin has finished his gluing project and wants to leave the table. First, however, he needs to get the glue off his right hand. He uses his left hand to pick the sticky glue from his right and, you guessed it, the glue gets stuck to his left hand! Watch this delightful video of Kevin learning that sometimes a problem solved is another problem created. Learn what it means when children are able to understand that they are “in a loop,” and see how Kevin gets out of his.

This videative demonstrates the concept that "depth is breadth." When we take the time to closely observe one child deeply we will find ourselves understanding all children broadly.

Keywords: Fours, Glue, Child-Object, Cause/Effect, Invention, Obstacles, videative

Length of videative: 9 paragraphs, 2 video subclips

Length of stand-alone master video clip: 55 seconds