Observation to Improve Learning Environments

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A Learning Moments Collection: How Infants Learn
The Learning Moments series
A Magnetic Wall for Solving Problems
Fives, Children-Teacher, Sound, Ramps, Balls, Music, Environments
A Window on the Child's Mind: Close observation of children at play
An Accidental Collaboration
Infants, Paint, Children-Teacher, Communication, Imitation, Non-verbal, videative
And That's 41 - Writing Numbers
Fours, Numbers, Child-Child, Writing, Communication, Peer tutoring, Literacy
At the Car Wash
mixed ages, Toy Cars, Children-Children, Pretense, Collaboration, Props
Balance scale play: Random or reflective?
Fours, Simple Machine, Children-Object, Science, Math, Balance
Ball and Jug
Infants, Balls, Child-Object, Spatial Relations, Problem Solving
Ben Shoots Pool
Twos, Balls, Parent-Child, Cause/Effect, Inclines, Direction, videative
Beyond the Five Senses
Balance, Sticky, Ones
Breaking to Build - Boys and Blocks
Blocks, Play, Collaboration
Building a Toy Car Together
Fours, Collaboration, Puzzles, Cars
Children Add Structure to an Open Space
Threes, Children-Children, Rules, Body, Paper, Environments, Games, Spatial Relations, Leadership
Children Construct the Rules for Checkers
Fives, Rules, Children-Object, Games, checkers, Peer Scaffolding
Counting Blocks in a Mirror
Fives, Blocks, Child-Teacher, Counting, Cardinal, Ordinal, Counting-On, videative
Creating a Sound Alphabet on the iPad
Fives, Teacher-Children, Computer, Literacy, Music
Designing a Rich Problem Solving Setup
Threes, Child-Object, Cause/Effect, Force, Exploration
Drawing from a Photograph
Fours, Markers, Drawing, family, Representation, relationships
Elastic Rules Mean More Can Play
Fours, Body, Outdoors, Race, Rules, Games
Emphasizing Effects
Twos, Toy Cars, Teaching, Children-Teacher, Cause/Effect, Force, Game Rules, videative