Ball and Jug

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Carter demonstrates that he knows about inside and outside. He holds a large clear jug steady with his left hand, while using his right hand to insert the ball into the narrow mouth. Notice how Carter maintains his focus despite the challenges he encounters. Carter defends his work from a peer and is not deterred from his goal. When the jug slides on the smooth floor, he repositions the jug close to his body where he is better able to align the ball with the narrow opening. Despite several unsuccessful attempts, Carter is able to manage his feeling of frustration and persist in his efforts. The ball already inside the jug may confirm what is possible. Carter experiences a moment of near success when the ball briefly balances over the opening of the jug (01:06). However, given how infants center their focus on the object they move, Carter does not consider the implication of his left hand on the mouth as both an obstacle and a support. The video continues with some close face-to-glass inspections of one’s mirror image, perhaps an attempt to make the reflection more real. Can you think of some way to reduce the difficulty of this game while still making the challenge interesting? What do you think Carter would do if an adult lightly touched his left hand on the mouth of the jug?

Keywords: Infants, Balls, Child-Object, Spatial Relations, Problem Solving
Length of video: 3 minutes 50 seconds