Balance Scale


Videatives Views Issue #200 Hearing the Unheard

One-year-old Eli holds a small timer that beeps prominently up to Matthew's ear.

Eli, 23 months old, and Matthew, 20 months old, have discovered a small rectangular timer.

Building Support


Oscar and the Accordion

Watch this two-year-old boy, named Oscar, explore the accordion and notice what he learns about the conditional relationship between the buttons and the action of pulling and pushing the bellows. Throughout the episode, Oscar works to guide his own learning about the accordion by carrying out a series of “trials.” We invite you to carefully study this example of self-regulated learning.


Videatives Views Issue #198 Practice Videos II

We have added new video titles under the “Practice Videos” tab in the Video Streaming Service.

Videatives Views #197 - Practice Videos - a new feature of the Video Streaming Service

At the request of our customers who teach others, we have added a section of "Practice Videos" that can be used as assignments or tests.

Videatives Views #196 And That's 41 - Writing Numbers

Three four year old boys writing numbersBoden, Golden and Charlie have just used a measuring tape to determine each boy’s height. Now the children are working to record their measurements on paper.

And That's 41 - Writing Numbers


Videatives Views #195 What to Count?

See What Children Know
Videative Views VideoClick on thumbnail to watch inside our video library.

What to Count?

In this video clip, Declan, Luther and Quinton are building towers by spanning toilet paper tubes with cardboard rectangles. During the construction, Luther and Declan try to compare the number of levels between their two towers.



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