Videatives Views Issue #198 Practice Videos II

We have added new video titles under the “Practice Videos” tab in the Video Streaming Service. Each video includes a set of questions to help begin highlighting the significance of the clip. In this set of three newly added practice video clips you will see, two three-year-old children engaging in scientific inquiry as they make predictions about the trajectory of a ball rolling down inclined planes that the children can reposition on a gravity wall, four two-year-old children exploring the seemingly magical effect of casting a spot of light from a flashlight on the floor, wall and ceiling, without yet knowing that a continuous invisible light beam is projected from the light source to the surface, and a four-year-old boy reciting aloud with great expressivity as he turns the pages of the story, “Pete the Cat – I Love my White Shoes.” Practice Videos can be used as assignments, tests, or conversation starters. You can include our questions or use the Playlist feature to customize your own questions and hide our text. Please let us know what scenes you would like us to include and how we might improve the value of our practice video clips. Email us at email@videatives.com. To subscribe to our video streaming library click here.