Pretend Washing

Two girls pretend to wash their hands. One uses a scrubbing action; the other, a shaking action. Watch and listen to the way that they maintain a balance of leading and following. Notice the way their gestures symbolize their different understandings of how soap works. This videative provides insight into the importance of pretend play for the development of symbolization, communication, and social skills. At the end some suggestions are given for possible follow up play on another day.

Keywords: Threes, Containers, Child-Child, Pretense, Leadership, Gestures, videative


Teddy Builds a Ramp

Watch Teddy use a set of blocks to solve interesting problems that occur while building a ramp. This videative deconstructs his thinking and communicates his goals, strategies, and possible theories as evidenced in his block play. Notice the duration of Teddy's focus and attention as he builds the ramp. Through a combination of text and pop-up video segments, we are drawn into the mind of this four-year-old boy, engaged in reflective thought and action.


Not Just Play!

What is interesting about Kieran, a three-year-old boy, gluing do-dads on a two-by-four? When you slow down and watch his clever change in strategy, you will find out. As Kieran works and thinks about the sequence of his actions, he figures out how to eliminate steps. In this brief segment, you first see how he has placed glue on right side, sticks a button to that spot, then later puts glue in a second spot on the left.



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