Teddy Builds a Ramp

Delivery Method: 

Watch Teddy use a set of blocks to solve interesting problems that occur while building a ramp. This videative deconstructs his thinking and communicates his goals, strategies, and possible theories as evidenced in his block play. Notice the duration of Teddy's focus and attention as he builds the ramp. Through a combination of text and pop-up video segments, we are drawn into the mind of this four-year-old boy, engaged in reflective thought and action.

  • See how Teddy's sense of symmetrical design both helps and hinders him in making a functional ramp.
  • Notice how Teddy keeps track of "good blocks" and "bad blocks" by placing them in different locations.
  • Observe how Teddy overcomes his habit of aligning blocks so that he can make a working ramp by stacking blocks
  • See how the action of the small car causes Teddy to compare the difference between balanced design and functional form. When his symmetrical bridge does not work, he makes it asymmetrical so the car will roll down to the lower side.

Use the corresponding Rich Video Clip (master video without text) to initiate discussions about special needs children and the many ways that we see them exhibit their intelligence when we slow down to take notice

Keywords: Fours, Blocks, Child-Object, Attention/Memory, Spatial Relations, Invention, Special Education, videative

Length of videative: 7 text pages, 25 video subclips