Harper and Harrison Writing Together

Harrison and Harper, both three-years-old, are working in the studio with markers. As this episode begins, Harrison is slowly saying the letter names aloud as he writes his name, and Harper watches intently. We see that Harrison has already identified some of the regularities of written language. He knows that each letter name has a corresponding letter form (symbol). His writing also includes a knowledge of basic text conventions.


Videatives Views Issue #223 Slapping mirror, then slapping hands

What you see in the video must look familiar, an infant slapping a mirror that reflects her image. Beatrix, age 9 months, slaps the polished panel repeatedly with both hands flat to the surface. How else is an infant to engage her own image? Just looking would not be enough.

Videatives Views Issue #222 How Laughter Frames the Constructive Side of Work

Beckett has been at school for 2.5 months. Ashley has been his teacher for 2 weeks. Ashley engages Beckett in a game of building blocks and letting Beckett make them fall over. Ashley participates in the game by making sounds of surprise and laughter at each falling over.

Videatives Views Issue #221 A Moveable Stage for Twos

A group of two-year-old children work together to move a large folding gym mat thereby transforming it from a tent to a dance floor.

The children (2 to 2.5 years old) are impressed with how well they can move and reform a large mat that folds into four sections. There is a bit of pretend danger of being trapped, and there is the remaking of a tent like structure into a stage, upon which the children begin to dance.

Videatives Views Issue #220 How Toddlers Play with a Life Size Box

Four toddlers enjoy running in and out of a life size box

Four children, ages one to one-and-a-half years old, explore a large box that was brought into the community space as part of a school wide investigation.

Questions to consider

Videatives Views Issue #219 At the Car Wash

Three girls, ages four and five years old, are washing the body of a large model of a racecar. The wheels have not yet been placed under the body. The pretense comes more from the fact that the car is not really dirty.

Videatives Views Issue #218: Young Toddlers Imitate Each Other

Stella sits in a special spot, a box just big enough for one. Her friend Wyatt (navy blue shirt) graps the lip of the box with both hands while Maya (gray jumpsuit) grips the side with one hand, and they both pull (00:02). The box does not budge.

Slapping mirror, then slapping hands


Building Towers with Unifix Cubes

Ben and Lane, two four-year-old boys, work along side each other building towers with Unifix cubes. As the clip beings, the children share their goal, to build towers that are “big” and “high.” Here’s what they say: 



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