Videatives Views Issue #221 A Moveable Stage for Twos

The children (2 to 2.5 years old) are impressed with how well they can move and reform a large mat that folds into four sections. There is a bit of pretend danger of being trapped, and there is the remaking of a tent like structure into a stage, upon which the children begin to dance.

Notice the “presentational voice” of the children that marks their intention to be heard by an audience. Notice words like “okay, guys…” to frame what follows as instruction and “watch out” to caution peers about the approaching movement of the large mat. Notice the importance of having both a leader to initiate a dancing game and a follower to authenticate the movement as a game for all. Think about the importance of moveable objects that are large, not just loose parts that are small. Large objects have affordances that are different from smaller scale objects. Can you describe what specific actions resulted from the affordances of these large-scale moveable objects? What do the children do to manage the alternating accordion folds of the mat? Certainly, the children’s play shows their physical development. Can you talk about what other competencies are strengthened by the children’s play with these large-scale moveable objects?