Videatives Views Issue #205 Flashlights and Fun

Bilingual, four-year-old children, Elizabeth, Eduardo, & Emily, read the book, Whose Mouse are You? with flashlightsElizabeth, Eduardo and Emily appear in this video. They are each four years old. Spanish is the predominant language spoken in their homes. Elizabeth and Eduardo have a copy of the book, Whose Mouse Are You? with predictable text. The children have heard this story in Spanish and in English. The teacher has left two copies of the book on the chairs in the library, along with flashlights, to enhance opportunities for language development and expression. Both Spanish and English are supported in this program. All three of these children entered this program in the fall, and this video takes place in the early spring.

Let’s consider how the flashlights are more than just play objects. Try to explain the function of the flashlight given the way it is used in the following segments of the video:
00:09 The children point the beam of light at a particular part of the picture in the book.
00:15 Occasionally the children wiggle the light rapidly across the entire page.
00:35 Eduardo and Elizabeth point their beams of light at each other’s faces.
00:52 Eduardo moves his flashlight up and down with some emotion while making a noise upon seeing the picture of the animal.
01:15 Emily holds her flashlight on the page, as she turns the book, to let the others see what she just mentioned.
01:19 The children shine spots of light on the ceiling and say, “Gotcha.”

Each of the examples above should be treated as a strategy to achieve a goal. Write down the goal that you believe explains or gives purpose to the strategy.