Hunter Explains the Rain Cycle

Listen to Hunter explain the rain cycle as he points to his drawing. Quite often, and in this episode as well, children add new twists to their theories AFTER they draw an event. The elements of the drawing, the mountain, the moving clouds, the teacher's question about what makes the clouds start to rain, were not yet parts of an integrated theory of what causes what. As children navigate their drawings in the context of trying to explain how things work, they invent solutions. This process, called "drawing to learn," reveals that symbols have both a representative power (putting down on paper what one knows) and a generative power (helping children construct an understanding that goes beyond their original theory).
Please download the transcript with comments (click here) that pinpoint where this generative power of drawing occurs. Of course, we have to speculate somewhat on what Hunter means, but our theories about the child's theories are also part of the generative power of drawing to learn.
Length of video: 1 minute 11 seconds
Keywords: Fives, Child-Teacher, Markers, Rain, Nature, Drawing, Creativity, Communication