A One-Year-Old Child Finds Multiple Bowls Irresistible

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In the video clip, Kaylee in the Kitchen (in the Videatives library), a two-year-old child plays for 45 minutes with Tupperware and lids, inserting, separating, pretending to drink, covering with tops. Flynn, the child in this video clip, is only one-year-old, yet he shows the same concentration, the same flow of one move followed by another. We have to ask, “What is so intriguing; what maintains his interest?” To answer this question we must escape our adult mind and acknowledge that Flynn is not trying to reach a final goal. Putting the last cup in the cabinet means it’s time to take them all out. Each "end point" becomes an invitation for another objective, and such is the essence of the flow. We can use this five-minute video clip to think together about the mind of a one-year-old child. Think with us about the following questions, indexed by the time code in the video. Answer these questions in the blog, so we can share the collective wisdom of our viewers. Questions to ponder: 00:00:13 Does it bother Flynn that the bowls are stuck together? 00:00:22 Does Flynn empty the yellow pot, knowing that he wants to fill it with other objects, or even the same objects? 00:00:39 Why doesn't Flynn place the two bowls already stuck together inside the pot as a paired unit? He separates them before he puts them in the pot, one at a time. 00:00:47 Is stacking all the available bowls on top of the yellow pot as satisfying as putting the cups inside the pot? 00:00:54 Does Flynn empty the yellow pot because he likes to see the bowls fall or because he wants the yellow pot empty so that he can fill it again? 00:00:58 to 00:01:12 Is Flynn stacking or filling? 00:01:12 to 00:01:29 Is Flynn stacking or filling? 00:01:42 Flynn puts the blue bowl into the yellow pot and then dumps it out. Does he want the yellow pot empty so that he can put something else in, or is his idea to separate things that are stuck together? See his next move with the pink bowl and blue bowl. 00:01:46 Why does Flynn take extra time looking over the blue bowl? 00:01:49 Here Flynn begins a prolonged effort to put most of the bowls into the cabinet. Half way into this effort, he raises the blue bowl to his mouth (00:02:17). Is he pretending to eat from it, drink from it, or is he just blowing into it? 00:02:20 Why does Flynn slam the cabinet door after he puts the blue bowl inside? Is he angry with the blue bowl? Does he want to keep the blue bowl from falling out again, as it had before? 00:02:24 Flynn continues his efforts to put all of the bowls inside the cabinet, reaching for those that are far away. Perhaps he is thinking, "I want to get ALL of the bowls into the cabinet." Or is he thinking, "I have to get these big bowls in, or I won’t have any room for them later." 00:03:17 Does Flynn deliberately empty the blue bowl of the pink disc because he wants to put in one object at a time, or does the pink disc fall out accidentally? 00:03:38 After Flynn removes an obstruction from the door, he closes it firmly, having put all of the bowls in the cabinet, except one pink one. Do you think he cannot see this pink bowl? Do you think he would open the door and put the pink bowl inside if he were to see it? 00:03:41 Almost immediately upon closing the cabinet door Flynn opens it and begins to remove all of the contents, even objects that he had not put inside. Are you smiling because you thought he would pause to enjoy the ultimate success of his efforts to put all of the bowls inside? What might have been the purpose of putting all of the bowls inside if he immediately removes them? Does his behavior make you think that a one- year-old child does not have goals, only actions? 00:03:57 When the big bowl of plastic vegetables comes out, Flynn gives it a hard look. Is he thinking, "That's not a bowl," or "I don't remember putting that bowl in the cabinet." 00:04:03 Flynn aborts his move to close the cabinet door. Why do you think he does this? 00:04:12 Once he has the steel pot and lid, he exhibits a special set of moves and problem solving behavior. Tell us what you see. Thank you to Buckle My Shoe Children's Center in New York City and Flynn's parents for sending us this delightful video clip.