Clever Teamwork Works

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A total of 11 children work together to retrieve a plastic soda bottle from the other side of a chain link fence. They use fingers, feet, a rubber hose, but most essentially, their minds. When one child inadvertently pops the bottle farther from reach, the children, undaunted, treat the garden hose as a drag line to bring the bottle back into reach. Yet the problem persists - the bottle is too large to fit through the open spaces in the fence, and the fence is too high to walk the bottle up to and over the top. Watch this entire seven-minute clip. You will be amazed at the number of strategies the children invent “on the fly”, some more impulsive, others very intentional and clever. It is the children’s general willingness to “try anything” that rewards their constant effort. They are not bound by “rules” as many adults are - rules that tend to constrain creativity and innovative solutions. This video file was rather large, so we had to compress it, which resulted in a slight loss of resolution. If you would like to own a higher resolution copy, you may download it from our eStore by clicking here. Tell us what you see and what you learned from careful observation of how clever teamwork works. Keywords: fives, outdoors, detour, collaboration, spatial relations, problem solving Length of video: 7minutes 19 seconds