Math Play Begins before Counting

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Mathematical thinking spans our life from the child's first use of the word "more" to an adult trying to maximize retirement income. A child begins with some basic understanding of "this is more than that" and later the child can reason, "this is all of that." And it is a milestone when the child understands that "some of this is always less than all of this." Children also deal with "this is not that" which implies that "this" cannot add to or subtract from the amount of "that." This video clip looks at places where children are dealing with early math concepts as they play with water, clay, cups, and trinkets. Our purpose is to give you visual examples of what types of details are relevant to math play. During play with water, clay, cups, and trinkets, children can explore concepts that transition into the higher concepts of counting, adding, and subtracting. All, only, some, more, identity of element, identity of set, and the physical correspondence among elements in a set- all of these concepts find expression in the spontaneous play of children. Length of video: 3 minutes, 44 seconds Keywords: mixed ages, containers, math, videative