Peek-a-Boo: Playing with the Rules

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This video captures a child-initiated game of Peek-a-Boo on the playground. It begins with two toddlers playing Peek-a- Boo over a fence. While they are enjoying this game, a third child attempts to join by popping up on one side of the partition. When this is unsuccessful, he leaves. A fourth child goes to an unoccupied partition and begins to pop up alone. Quickly, a fifth child accepts her invitation to create the game again. In a later segment, we notice that the child in the tan coat tries to change the rules by not popping up or around, but rather by falling down repeatedly, which ultimately ends the game. What do the children’s actions tell us they understand about the rules of the game? In the beginning of the video, we notice that the child in the tan coat repeatedly goes to the other side of the partition. How does this new perspective help this child support the game play? Length of video: 2 minutes 18 seconds Keywords: Twos, Children-Children, Games, Rules, Communication, Outdoor Play