Tricycle Tour

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Three-year-old Ella enjoys helping her younger friend Grace ride a tricycle. In her leadership role, Ella is challenged to guide the tricycle with a seated passenger. Notice that Ella is able to maneuver the tricycle more easily by pushing it backwards. However, Ella also makes an effort to move the tricycle in the forward direction. She may want Grace to experience riding the tricycle in a conventional manner, as the other nearby children are doing. Study how the act of guiding the tricycle and passenger encourages Ella to slow down and reflect on the movements required for navigation. Her actions become more careful as the tricycle approaches the edge of the concrete patio. Ella turns the front tire sharply, but then aborts her move. She may not be sure there is enough space to complete the turning angle, or the turned front axle may make moving forward too difficult. Observe as Ella backs up to reset the position of the tricycle. She then pushes forward steadily and successfully completes the turn. In what other ways does Ella show she may be thinking about her friend Grace? How does your playground support cross-age play? Length of video: 1 minute 21 seconds Keywords: Threes, Child-Child, Peer Tutoring, Leadership, Outdoor Play