How Holes Add Focus

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A good game needs a clear focus. The children are presented with a rimmed tray with a hole in the center. The empty container below clearly defines the goal of getting the ball to roll through the hole by tilting the tray. The tray is large enough to require a player on each side. To control the path of the ball the children need to split their attention between their own moves and their partners’ moves. An audience of peers motivates the children to play longer and shares in their fun. Consider how the challenge of the game might increase if: a) the tray were wider; b) the ball and hole were smaller; c) a single hole were drilled off-center; d) the opening of the container below were smaller; e) a hockey puck replaced the ball; f) a few holes were drilled with only one container placed below; g) the rules of the game were changed so that the goal was to avoid letting the ball fall through the hole(s). What other surfaces might increase the play value? Length of video: 1 minute 34 seconds Keywords: Fives, Children-Children, Spatial Relations, Ball, Hole, Games