Evan Shows Jose

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Evan shows Jose, a new child, his favorite parts of the playground: the long wall with bays in which to hide, the holes in the wall through which to peer, and the jungle gym on which to climb. In the first segment Evan speaks and gestures to Jose, showing him how to put his foot next to the bottom of the wall. Perhaps he remembers how the children have used the wall as the start of a race. He continues down the wall to show Jose the recessed bays that create private spaces and perhaps a surprise, such as a hidden child. Next, Evan demonstrates to Jose, who stands holding onto a vertical pole, how to use the pole as a pivot for walking round and round. Jose tries this on another pole but bumps into horizontal bars that stop him from going all the way around. Evan continues to walk around the “Maypole”, and soon other boys join in. Ponder: You may also want to compare this clip with “The Freeze,” an earlier title in our video library. How does the role Evan takes in this episode differ from his role twelve months earlier? In what ways has he grown? Length of video: 8 minutes 14 seconds Keywords: Fours, Child-Child, Special Education, Leadership, Peer Tutoring, Outdoor Play