A Learning Moments Collection: Outdoor Play


A title in the Learning Moments series

When children play outdoors, we expect them to run, jump, and stretch beyond what is possible in the classroom. For this reason we often treat outdoor play as a time for gross motor play, group games, and sports. Teachers less often consider the high level thinking that occurs outdoors as children solve problems, negotiate rules, construct with loose parts, and figure out how to navigate changes in the terrain.

This Flash Drive contains fourteen high-resolution video clips, with supporting text, that show how outdoor play reveals high-level thinking, strategy adjustments, negotiating goals and roles with peers, and anticipating which sequence of actions will lead to a desired goal. Study these clips and add them to your presentations and courses, so that others can "See what children know.™" Share them with parents, so that they too can learn how outdoor play includes many interesting lessons that are learned through spontaneous games and challenges that children create for themselves.

These high impact video clips have been carefully chosen to reveal how children's play in outdoor spaces supports their learning about themselves, others, and the physical world. Click Here to see the fourteen titles with brief video trailers and descriptions.

Permission is granted for use of this Learning Moments Collection by one individual program director, trainer, or college educator working with no more than 200 viewers annually in online or live presentations. Usage by large early childhood organizations, colleges, and other training institutions must be negotiated in advance. Please email requests to videatives@videatives.com