How Jose and Evan Bond through Play

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In this clip, we observe what appears to be an ordinary game of “Do as I Do.” Upon closer examination, we identify strategies of communication, little signals that Evan gives to Jose, that something is about to happen that has implications for what Jose is to do next. We also see how Jose signals which actions are replies to Evan’s invitation and which actions are his own counter invitations to Evan to vary the next move slightly. And, of course, we see how this game of “Blocks on the Head” represents the shared joy that supports and defines their friendship. The text that accompanies this video download identifies several places where sounds, pauses, and exaggerated actions reveal the body language Evan and Jose use to maintain the social nature of their play. You will see how the social nature of this game crescendos, with the onset of more laughter, clearer invitations to respond, a shift in leadership, and several variations on game moves. Body language, sounds, pauses, single words, claps, eye contact, laughter and smiles are all used with incredible competence by these young boys. No doubt with extra viewings you will see even more examples of their competencies.