Carrying a Basket

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This video contains clips of an experience that actually spanned twelve minutes. The children and teacher are attempting to return a basket to the school’s kitchen. The teacher helps the children in negotiating how the basket will make it back to the kitchen. She attempts to have the children verbalize their desires to the group by putting words to some of their non-verbal actions. How can verbalizing these feelings help to establish theory of mind with young children? The teacher also continues to remind the children of the initial goal and welcomes children in and out of the experience. How else can teachers support children in conflict resolution without taking the shared responsibility away from the children? The teacher suggests that the children go into the hallway, recognizing that the current venue is too small and distracting for negotiation. Notice how the children become more verbally involved in the experience with the change of venue. How does the environment influence our interactions, especially during conflict? Ultimately, the teacher is open to a resolution that is not the most logical, but works for the parties involved. Again, remembering that the group took over twelve minutes to return a basket, what do we gain by offering children the time required to negotiate conflict?

Keywords: Fours, Children-Teacher, Conflict Resolution, Frustration, Communication, Fairness, Teaching
Length of Video: 5 minutes 29 seconds