Taking Turns

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A teacher captured this video as she assisted toddlers in negotiating turns for swinging on a large bag. The clip opens with a child declaring that she would like to take a turn in “five minutes.” She quickly states, “Five minutes now!” What does this action convey about the child’s number sense and understanding of time? Notice how the teacher helps the children find an age appropriate unit of time that is manageable by them. In what ways can we lend children information to facilitate competencies in conflict resolution? Also notice the way the teacher renegotiates turns around the three-minute mark. While she attempts to integrate Caden into the rotation, she honors Brooke’s answer when posed the question. How many times do we ask children questions without being open to all possible answers? Now try viewing the video from the perspective of the child, Brooke. We recognize that she understands certain concepts, such as games include rules, turns involve both active periods and waiting periods, and counting is a way to assess time. What can we learn from her misconceptions - the actual time span of five minutes, the definition of before and after, and the pattern of rotation?

Keywords: Twos, Children-Teacher, Conflict Resolution, Time, Counting
Length of video: 3 minutes 43 seconds