Reading Spiderman

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This is a clip of a child reading to his class. We recognize his strategies for emergent reading, such as memorizing words and using visual cues to remind him of phrases. According to the book, Early Literacy in Preschool and Kindergarten, Beaty and Pratt refer to this experience as “practice reading.” Also notice his strategies for engaging his peers, such as inflection and eye contact. What does his continual eye contact convey about this child’s sense of audience? We also wonder about the teacher’s role in this experience. Why might the teacher choose to hold the book for the child? In this particular experience the teacher was concerned with the audience’s attention span if they could not see the images. She wanted to ensure success at this very public sharing of work. If you were the teacher, how would you support the child in this experience?

Keywords: Threes, Books, Children-Teacher, Reading, Communication, Literacy
Length of video: 1 minute 4 seconds