Mixing Color as a Game

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This is a video of a group of three young toddlers painting in the studio with a studio teacher. Throughout the video, we see the teacher assuming the role of a group member. She is not instructing the children on how to paint, but rather is introducing different techniques and brush strokes to the children in a natural way. The teacher paints alongside the children, initiating a “game” with the phrase, “Here I come,” as she moves her brush across the paper. Notice how the child not involved in the game mimics the teacher’s brush stroke before returning to his larger strokes. We also recognize the role of the child that is in the foreground, who never actually paints. What is the role of the observer in a group? How does the teacher assume the role of active participant? In what ways does the teacher engage the children?

Length of video clip: 4 minutes 26 seconds
Keywords: Children-teacher, Paint, Teaching, Games