Explaining Infant Interests

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We want to invite you to watch this clip from two perspectives, first from the perspective of the child in the red polka-dot shirt. She utilizes her hands and additional tools to produce sounds on the sound wall. She attempts different combinations of tools and materials, but seems to return to the wind chimes, as they produce the most consistent sound. Now, watch the clip from the perspective of the child in the background. How do their experiences differ? He attempts to shake his tool and looks up to notice the sound of the wind chimes. However, he seems to recognize that the sound is not being produced by his actions. Notice the moment where the two stories come together, around the 2-minute mark. The girl in the red shirt empathizes with the boy’s outstretched arm, and makes the wind chimes ring in an apparent effort to please him. What do these types of gestures say about young children’s understanding of each other’s thinking, desires, or signals?

Length of video clip: 2 minutes 41 seconds
Keywords: Infants, Sound, Child-Object, Theory of Mind, Non-verbal