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Mathew shares with his class an album of photographs from a recent trip. The photographs include Mathew, his father, and his white dog named, Alex. As you watch, reflect about the goals teachers may have for children at sharing time. What strategies might a teacher use to strengthen a child's understanding of past and present? In what ways may documentation such as photographs a) encourage children to develop their sense of story, and b) more effectively convey their experience to others?
00:08 Teacher: Who is that in the picture Mathew?
Matthew: Me, and Alex, and my dad. Here we are!
Teacher: You have to face it Mathew, so that everybody can see. Here, like that (adjusts position of photo album).
Matthew: I want to stand up.
Teacher: You want to stand up? Okay.
Teacher: Who is in the picture, Mathew?
00:25 Matthew: Me and my dad and Alex!
Teacher: Who's that?
Matthew: Me.
00:34 Teacher: (Points) What's the name of the dog?
Matthew: It's my dog. It’s Alex.
Teacher: (Asks off camera teacher) What’s his name?
Off Camera Teacher: Alex.
Teacher: Alex.
00:41 Off Camera Teacher: What color is Alex, Mathew?
Matthew: White.
Off Camera Teacher: White.
00:45 Off Camera Teacher: What's going on in your pictures? What Alex doing to you?
Matthew: Here (points). Here again (points to different photo).
00:53 Off Camera Teacher: What is Alex doing to you in your picture?
Matthew: Pull baby (speaking to photo). See (points), I’m getting pulled.
00:59 Off Camera Teacher: He's pulling you?
Matthew: Now, here I am again (points to another photo).
01:07 Off Camera Teacher: Where ya'll going, Mathew?
Matthew: Huh?
Off Camera Teacher: Where are you all going?
Matthew: We going,… we're looking for a mu-chine (museum).
01:14 Teachers: A machine?
Matthew: A Mu-chine (museum).
Teacher: Okay.
Matthew: (Inaudible).
01:19 Teacher: Where's that at, Mathew?
Matthew: What?
01:22 Teacher: Where’s that at?
Matthew: Alex?
Teacher: Yeah.
Off Camera Teacher: No, the place.
Matthew: The place. At the mu-chine (museum).
Break in Video Footage
01:35 Mathew: See Elizabeth. (Extends album toward the camera person.)
Camera Person: I see Mathew.
Mathew: (Moves the photo album as he speaks.) See (names each classmate).
01:38 Off Camera Teacher: Are you riding in a car, Mathew?
Matthew: Huh?
01:40 Off Camera Teacher: What are you riding in?
Matthew: In my sled.
Off Camera Teacher: In your sleigh, all right then.
01:47 Camera Person: Mathew, do you remember where the sleigh took you?
Matthew: What?
01:50 Camera Person: Do you remember where the sleigh took you?
Matthew: What? To mu-chine.
[Break in video footage.]
Camera Person: Mu-chine.
Matthew: No, mu-chine (museum).
Teacher: Mu-chine.
Matthew: Museum (careful annunciation).
01:61 Off Camera Teacher: Museum?
Teacher: Museum?
Matthew: (Nods his head yes.)
Teacher: Okay.
Off Camera Teacher: All right.
02:05 Matthew: We was lookin’ for mu-seem.
02:07 Teacher: Where's mommy? I didn't see Mommy in the picture.
Matthew: (Mathew turns some pages.)
02:16 Matthew: It’s done now.
Mathew: (Turns pages until he reaches the end of the album.)
Teachers: (Clap.)
Teacher: Okay.
Off Camera Teacher: All right.
Matthew: Want to see it again?
Teacher: Yeah (continues clapping). Do you have any questions?
Matthew: Want to see it again (extends photo album up & out toward audience)?
02:28 End of Video Clip

Keywords: Fours, Photographs, Time, Perspective
Length of video: 2 minutes, 23 seconds