Using the Mirror to Paint Faces

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By putting paint on his face Max has a particular reason to study his image in the mirror. Face painting involves thinking about which color to place where in what amount. But face painting also requires some knowledge of how mirrors work. I see the brush moving away from me in the mirror, so that means it is getting closer to my nose. I feel the paint all over the skin of my nose, but the mirror tells me it is only in one small spot. I see my friend growl at her image in her mirror. So if I go to the other side, will I see in her mirror what made her growl? (It could be that Max feels compelled to look at what his friend was looking at rather than looking at the child herself). It is important to acknowledge all the forms of thinking that occur when children are using paint.

Keywords: Threes, Paint
Length of video: 2 minutes 1 second