Gracious Toddler - It Was Mine, But Let Me Help

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This little jewel of a video shows how toddlers can value friendship more than objects. We have presented our analysis as a Thinkprint. We wrote what the children might be thinking, not in these exact adult words, but in effect. Writing Thinkprints is a useful way to see more in the children’s actions since you are searching for their intentions.

We have two versions of a Thinkprint. In this one the likely thoughts are written in the text below. In the other version (titled Gracious Toddler – A Thinkprint Video) the children’s likely thoughts are spoken on the sound track.
00:07 Grey pants (henceforth GP) Oh goodie, an empty seat on this rocking thing.
00:18 Pink pants (PP) Wait, I want to be on the black one. It looks more interesting now that someone is getting on it.
00:20 GP: Oops, I guess PP wants to get on. I was having a little trouble getting on the seat anyway. I will let her have it.
00:27 PP: There, I am on the seat so now I can rock back and forth. GP I will help PP rock by pulling on the tail of the rocking thing.
00:31 PP makes a noise, GP laughs and thinks, See, I can play too, even though I am not in the seat. I just caused my friend to make a noise.
00:36 PP looks back at what GP is doing. She smiles. That’s okay. GP is just holding on to the back of my rocking thing. We’re playing together.
00:42 GP: I’ll get on the other rocking thing and rock with PP. Blue Pants (BP) sings out “No, No, No.”
00:45 BP I’d better get on the white rocking thing before GP does.
00:54 GP stands between the two rockers, points to the back of the black one and looks over at the teacher with the camera. I wanted this one.
01:15 GP grabs the tail on the black rocker and shakes it forcefully and smiles. Well, maybe I can make it move this way, even though I am not on the rocker.
01:22 GP tugs on back of black rocker but it gets away from her. She raises her arms. This thing is not rocking like I want it to.
01:25 PP: Looks over at BP on the white rocker. Hey, I have someone to rock with over there.
01:30 PP slows her rocking a bit. There now we are moving together.
01:39 GP watches PP and BP rocking together, then grabs the back of the black rocker and says “no.” She thinks: This is too much. They are both rocking and I can’t make the black rocker move the way I want.
01:45 GP touches BP on the arm and the touches PP on the tummy. You are there (BP) and you are over there (PP). I am not having much fun here.
01:48 When GP touches PP on the tummy, PP makes a noise. BP is startled and lifts her shirt. PP then lifts her shirt and touches her belly button. PP thinks, BP must want me to show my belly button.
01:50 BP makes a two syllable noise and stomps away from the rockers. I’m out of here!
02:00 PP and BP dismount from the rockers. PP thinks I guess we should leave.

Keywords: Twos, Children-Children, Language, Thinkprint, Empathy, Sharing

Length of stand alone master video clip: 2 minutes