Treasure in a Box

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An infant approaches with a metal lid in her hand and decides to pick up the box. Notice that she does not use the box as a container for the lid as she walks across the room. Rather, she devises a way to grasp both the box and the lid in one hand. At the table, she initially uses a series of fluid actions to place the metal lid inside, push the box closed, open it up again, and take the metal lid out. Carefully study how she slightly modifies this series of actions in the next rounds. The infant continues her exploration of the box and metal lid while sitting on the rug. At one point, she drops the lid inside and quickly pulls her hand away. Observe how she begins to mark particular actions with a brief cooing sound. Why do you think she may find significant about these events? Why does she choose to give them added emphasis?

Length of stand-alone master video clip: 3 minutes 34 secs

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Keywords: Infants, Child-Object, Spatial Relations, Exploration, Containers