Damming Water in a Flume

Delivery Method: 

Two children and a teacher play together at a long flume containing sand and gently running water. As if this flume were a riverbed, the teacher and children explore how the water pools or cascades when the river’s pathway is obstructed, freed, or channeled. Observe how the teacher wonders with the children and encourages them to pursue their questions. Notice what strategies he uses to help the children relate one change to another, or to think about the relationship between cause-and-effect. Study what physical knowledge about the relationship between sand and water the children demonstrate. See how the teacher engages the children in the scientific process of making predictions and observations. Consider what learning you might observe in other play episodes where children experiment with the movement of water.

Keywords: Fours, Teaching, Children-Teacher, Cause/Effect, Force, Exploration

Length of stand-alone master video clip: 5 minutes 41 seconds