Painting with Watercolors

Delivery Method: 

Three children are exploring watercolor paints with their teacher. On several occasions, the teacher gives the children verbal guidance or even holds a child's hand to show the sequence: dip in water, dip in paint, and then stroke paper. Carefully study the teacher’s strategies and consider where she is most effective or ineffective when helping the children learn watercolor technique. After brushing some green paint on her paper Maddy says, “I don’t want this one. It’s not great.” She then closes her box of watercolors and places her paintbrush in the water bottle. Study the details of her actions to learn why the experience may not have met this child’s expectations. Notice that all three children receive the same instructions and examine how each child interprets the teacher’s directions. Decide if you think the children and the teacher share the same goals for painting?

Keywords: Twos, Teaching, Children-Teacher, Sequence, Directions

Length of stand-alone master video clip: 5 minutes 43 seconds