Shadow Play

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Walter, Justin and Shea are exploring shadows with their teacher. Notice that the teacher begins by saying, “When I stand here, look! When I stand here my shadow is on the wall." Consider why the teacher may decide to use a scientific term to talk with the children about their discovery. Justin holds a toy snake in his hand and points to the wall as he says, “I see mine on the wall." Carefully study the details of his actions to learn what knowledge about shadows Justin demonstrates. In an effort to talk about the phenomenon in a way that helps the children better understand the properties of shadows, the teacher introduces the phrase, 'shadow body'. Observe the different strategies the teacher uses to encourage the children to notice the shadows on the wall and decide where you think she is most successful and why.

Keywords: Twos, Teaching, Children-Teacher, Cause/Effect, Exploration

Length of stand-alone master video clip: 3 minutes 49 seconds