Chasing Light

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A teacher and toddler are playing with flashlights. The teacher decides to play a sort of hide-and-seek game with the spot of light by shining the flashlight on various surfaces. Treat the strategies of both teacher and child as a type of conversation. Notice that the boy pulls on the curtain instead of standing on the platform. Perhaps he thinks he can use the curtain to pull the light closer. Notice that after he slaps the light he looks behind the curtain. Indicating that he understands light moves around, he does not look on the platform where the light was just before. The teacher shines the light on his shirt but he does not look. Instead, he sees the lighted lens of the flashlight and assumes the spot of light is now on the flashlight. This episode can be seen as an experience in leading and following, where leadership is reciprocal, neither teacher-directed nor child-centered.

Keywords: Ones, Child-Teacher, Maintaining Play, Co-construction, Non-verbal

Length of stand alone video clip: 1 minute