Doghouse Doors

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The teacher and children began planning their doghouse on a previous school day. The discussion resumes as they try to decide what features their doghouse will include. Notice how the teacher involves the children by asking questions that are open-ended but focused on a specific task. Near the start of their discussion she asks, “What else is missing on our doghouse?” Observe what strategies the teacher uses to help frame the children’s debate. When the teacher repeats Sterling’s judgment that, “It doesn’t need a door,” Sterling immediately moves into an explanation of why a door isn’t needed: “That doesn’t need to open.” As the children wonder together to find a solution, learn what they understand about the form and function of doors and gain insight into how the children think doors may or may not serve their specific purposes in the care of a pet dog.

Keywords: Fours, Teaching, Children-Teacher, Communication, Invention, Function

Length of stand alone master video clip: 5 minutes 47 seconds