Teaching Chaislyn to Puzzle

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Chaislyn, a child living with Down’s syndrome, is putting together an eight-piece jigsaw puzzle. The teacher uses four basic strategies to help Chaislyn. 1) She works to reduce the number of ways that Chaislyn’s choice could go wrong. 2) She tells Chaislyn that her choice is not correct. 3) She orients Chaislyn to cues that will help her place the piece into the form board correctly. 4) She tells Chaislyn what to do to in general, but not exactly where to place a chosen piece. What purposes do you think these different strategies serve? As a staple educational material, we value the ability of jigsaw puzzles to motivate a child to persist at problem solving toward a specific goal. What strategies do you think we can utilize to help a child who is new to jigsaw puzzles?

Keywords: Fives, Child-Teacher, Spatial Relations, Special Education

Length of stand alone master video clip: 5 minutes 7 seconds