Jewelry: For Neck, Wrist, or Head?

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Three children and a teacher examine a box full of jewelry. One boy tries to pull the bracelet straight up from the teacher’s wrist as if it isn’t a closed loop. The teacher wiggles her fingers in hopes that he will move the bracelet down instead of pulling it straight out from her wrist. The girl on the floor adeptly places bracelets on her wrist, sometimes using only one hand and then expanding her fingers to seat the bracelet higher on her wrist. The children help us see that they are beginning to understand how these items are worn. Observe how the teacher supports the children’s thinking by resisting the common temptation to name the jewelry. Rather, she points out several of its salient features such as transparency and fragility or comments on how it can be used.

Keywords: Ones, Children-Teacher, Teaching, Spatial Relations, Function, Exploration

Length of stand alone master video clip: 4 minutes 3 seconds