Can Three-Year-Olds Teach?

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Max cannot close his zipper purse. Justin announces, “I will teach him.” As Justin starts to zip his own purse he tells Max, “Now watch this. I can do it. Hold on the bag and pull.” The zipper moves and opens the bag. Justin looks over at Max, “And then it works.” Max claims he can’t do it so Justin gives him another lesson. Max remains doubtful so Justin says, “I’ll show you how to do it. Give me the bag and I’ll show you how to do it.” Justin struggles with the zipper on Max’s bag. Max watches and says, “It’s hard.” Justin puts the bag on the table to un-weight it and finally the bag closes. Justin says, “See.” He hands the bag to Max. “There, I did it.” Consider the difference between doing something to get it done versus showing someone else how to do it. Notice where you see evidence that Justin considers how Max will read his actions.

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