Dancing the Freeze

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So often when we watch a child learning something new we focus on what the child does not know. Yet, if we focus on what the child does know we can build our own mental models of how the child may be thinking. We invite you to have fun with this delightful video clip of Evan who is learning how to play the musical game, ‘Freeze’. As you watch him participate, seek to identify the possible reasons behind Evan’s decisions with regard to how to play a game or solve a problem. Doing so will give you more ideas about the value of the game, as well as how to support him as a new learner. Here’s an example to get you started. At time code 1.8 Evan may be thinking, “I may not be able to jump, but I know that I can rise up on my toes and stomp my feet.”

Keywords: Fours, Child-Child, Movement, Imitation, Special Education

Length of stand alone master video clip: 1 minute 49 seconds