Making a See Saw Between Twin Trees

Delivery Method: 

A group of children found a small birch tree that had fallen in the ‘V’ made by twin birches growing close together. For days the dynamics of such structures occupied the children as they worked to free the stuck tree from the ‘V’. They took a branch of the tree and placed it horizontally between the two tree trunks and then began to make see saws from loose branches. Watch Erik, Andre and Ritchie as they challenge themselves to make a see saw that does not break. Observe the richness of this environment for collaboration, invention, and reflection. Consider whether questioning children in the field is preferable to revisiting photographs or videos of their experiments when they are back inside. Think about what you might do differently to assure that the boys reflected and expanded on this experience.

Keywords: Fours, Children-Teacher, Cause/Effect, Invention, Communication

Length of stand alone master video clip: 1 minute 4 seconds