Why Bring Leaves into the Classroom

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Observe the dynamics of three boys attempting to play in the same space. The teacher uses a variety of strategies to assure safety while honoring the children’s goals. Notice aspects of actions that help us infer a child’s intention, such as eye contact, sequence, and timing. Note how Alex reacts to Henry as Henry tries to make entry into the play space. The teacher redirects Jackson to the pile of leaves on the floor so that he can play without standing in the elevated water basin. Alex picks up on whatever the teacher says, such as ‘feet’ and ‘be gentle’ and ‘leaves on the floor’. Consider how these observations can help us answer the question: Why might we bring leaves into the classroom? How might these observations help us decide where we might take this activity tomorrow?

Keywords: Twos, Children-Teacher, Movement, Communication, Exploration

Length of stand alone master video clip: 1 minute 17 seconds