Revisiting Pretend Play on Video

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Emma, Brenna, and Julia watch a video replay of a pretend play episode from the previous day. We observe them answering questions and summarizing their feelings as they revisit their own play. In the second segment of pretend play, Julia pleads to let her Barbie doll take Emma’s baby doll into her outstretched arms. Emma counters that Julia’s Barbie doll is too little to hold Emma’s rather large baby doll. Then the video clip shifts to Julia’s reaction to this segment. Julia turns to Emma and says, “I’m your best friend, Emma.” Emma counters, “Sometimes we’re mean.” Both girls agree that they then say they are sorry and continue to play. Do you believe that watching themselves play helps the girls consider the pattern of their friendship, the ups and downs? Watch this video clip to determine if video revisiting may have a useful place in early childhood education.

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Keywords: Fours, Children-Teacher, Communication, Friendship, Mind of Other

Length of stand alone master video clip: 1 minute 33 seconds