What Twos Know About Shoes

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Putting on a pair of shoes can be as challenging to a two year old as repairing a car is to an adult. Watching children attempt and accomplish this task reveals many instances of high-level thinking and indicates what children know about these complex objects. See if you can find where this two year old indicates that she knows (or does not know) the following concepts: 1) It would be hard to put my shoes on while standing up. 2) Getting the toe into the shoe does not mean the shoe is on. 3) Shoes do not belong to the class of objects called ‘coats’. 4) If my heel does not fit, it means that the shoe heel is folded inward. 5) A pair of shoes deserves a plural ending. 6) If the shoe does not fit on either foot, maybe I have to adjust the shoe. What do these instances of high level thinking suggest for new provocations around shoes?

Keywords: Twos, Child-Object, Classification, Spatial Relations, Persistence

Length of stand alone master clip: 2 minutes 35 seconds